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High Reliability Schools

The Marzano High Reliability Schools framework serves as a long-term strategic planning guide for schools and districts. Rather than constantly seeking new initiatives, leaders are encouraged to concentrate their school improvement efforts on five key areas: (1) Safe, Supportive, and Collaborative Culture, (2) Effective Teaching in Every Classroom, (3) Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum, (4) Standards-Referenced Reporting, and (5) Competency-Based Education.

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  1. Improving Teacher Development: A Guide for Teachers and Coaches Virtual Workshop<br> <small>A Live Event with Tina H. Boogren</small>

    Virtual Event  |  November 11 & November 18

    Designed for teachers, coaches, and educational leaders, this highly interactive workshop with Tina H. Boogren offers a paradigm-shifting approach to teacher development.

  2. Leadership, School Improvement, & High Reliability Schools Virtual Workshop<br> <small>A Live Event with Philip B. Warrick</small>

    Virtual Event  |  November 1, November 4, November 8 & November 10

    During this highly interactive virtual workshop, Philip B. Warrick challenges and equips leaders and leadership teams to achieve high levels of student learning by reaching a high level of reliability as a school.

  3. Leading a High Reliability School Virtual Workshop

    Virtual Event  |  November 9–10, 2020

    Discover how to use the High Reliability Schools framework as a strategic planning guide for monitoring and significantly improving specific conditions within your school over time.

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