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Ensuring Effective Teaching in Every Classroom

Level 2

High quality instruction is the most important tool educators have at their disposal to positively affect student learning. Level 2 of the Marzano High Reliability Schools framework details how to develop and maintain teacher effectiveness in every classroom by building a shared language of instruction and using this common language to raise the level of pedagogical skill both individually and collectively.

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  1. Improving Teacher Development and Evaluation

    Designed for teachers, coaches, and educational leaders, this workshop offers a paradigm-shifting approach to teacher development and evaluation.

  2. Close Reading in the Secondary Classroom

    In this workshop, participants will explore a six-step process for close reading, as well as important issues around text selection, planning, and assessment.

  3. The New Art and Science of Teaching

    The New Art and Science of Teaching is a well-researched instructional framework that comprehensively addresses the most alterable effect on student achievement—quality instruction.

  4. Using Questioning Sequences in the Classroom

    Elicit higher-order thinking from students. Learn a four-phase process for questioning that prompts students to use the argumentation and reasoning skills highlighted in the Common Core State Standards.

  5. Enhancing the Art and Science of Teaching With Technology

    Enhance learning today, and prepare students for success tomorrow. The shifts articulated by the Common Core State Standards increase accountability for learning outcmoes in the classroom and in the technology rich world beyond. This interactive workshop shows how to integrate technology into the research-based strategies from The Art and Science of Teaching to enhance instruction while preparing students for college and career success in the 21st century.

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