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Becoming a High Reliability School
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Becoming a High Reliability School


The Marzano High Reliability Schools (HRS) framework serves as a strategic planning framework to help schools focus on specific, research-based conditions for continuous school improvement. The HRS overview workshop introduces participants to the five levels of the framework and the hierarchy in which they are organized.

Participants will also learn the HRS process for strategic planning and explore example practices from other schools using the HRS framework. The one-day overview will engage participants in reflecting on their own schools through the lens of high reliability and how HRS is a data-driven leadership process.

During the one-day overview, participants will learn the concept of leading and lagging indicators of practice and the use of quick data as a monitoring tool. Attendees will explore key components of each of the five levels of the High Reliability Schools model and look at sample practices within different levels.

The five specific levels include:

Level 1: Safe, Supportive, and Collaborative Culture

Explore specific strategies for shared decision making and developing collaborative processes that clarify the work of teacher teams and help schools operate as a cohesive network of teams clearly focused on curriculum, instruction, assessment, and achievement for all students.

Level 2: Effective Teaching in Every Classroom

Learn the concept of establishing a district- or schoolwide model of instructional practice and how it can be used to create a culture of pedagogical growth for all teachers.

Level 3: Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum

Understand the concept and processes for establishing a guaranteed and viable curriculum, which includes establishing a district- or schoolwide comprehensive vocabulary program.

Level 4: Standards-Referenced Reporting

Understand critical aspects and strategies for implementing a standards-referenced grading and reporting system in your district or school.

Level 5: Competency-Based Education

Learn specific aspects of competency-based education and review strategic initiatives schools should consider for implementing competency-based education.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Explore the five levels of high reliability schools.
  • Learn how to select leading and lagging indicators to address in your school.
  • Discover new ways to use collaborative teams to address common issues regarding curriculum, assessment, instruction, and achievement of all students.
  • Contextualize the research on effective instruction and supervision practices to transform your organization into a high reliability school.

Recommended Participants

District leaders, school leaders


One or two days