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Becoming a Reflective Teacher
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Becoming a Reflective Teacher


Embrace your potential to grow as a professional. In an era of increased accountability, self-evaluation and self-reflection practices can empower teachers to chart their own path to improvement. In this workshop, participants will learn what teachers can do by themselves, for themselves. Uncover why classroom autonomy and collaboration go hand in hand when it comes to effective teaching and student success.

You’ll explore a range of instructional skills, assess your strengths and weaknesses, set goals, and design a personal growth plan. Through focused practice, feedback, observation, and discussion with professional colleagues, you’ll learn how to meet your personal and team goals for excellence in teaching and student achievement.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Identify ways to integrate reflection into your collaborative work in teams.
  • Self-assess your proficiency in applying each of the 41 elements of effective teaching.
  • Learn how to use video data, student survey data, and student achievement data to improve your practice.
  • Explore specific classroom situations in which reflective practices can be applied.
  • Acquire tools to support your ongoing reflective practice.

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