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The New Art and Science of Teaching [DVD/CD/Facilitator's Guide/Book]

The New Art and Science of Teaching  [DVD/CD/Facilitator's Guide/Book]
Publisher: Solution Tree
Publication date: May 30, 2018

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Robert J. Marzano’s five decades of education research come to life in this unscripted video workshop. Rather than quick-fix solutions, Marzano provides the foundation teams need to usher in a new era of competency-based student learning. A companion to The New Art and Science of Teaching, the DVD details three overarching categories of teaching and features 20 new research-based instructional strategies shown to have the greatest impact on student success in classrooms.


This competency-based education video provides K–12 educators with the following tools to improve student learning outcomes:

  • A facilitator’s guide, in print and on CD, to better interact with and understand the content
  • Twenty innovative strategies, and guidance for implementing effective teaching methods in classrooms
  • High-quality footage demonstrating the instructional strategies in real classroom settings
  • Guidance for implementing the three overarching categories of teaching
  • New techniques for student engagement in meaningful learning experiences

A joint publication of ASCD and Solution Tree

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Product Code: DVF075

ISBN: 9781947604469

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