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Coaching Classroom Instruction
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Coaching Classroom Instruction


Provide targeted, constructive support for instructional change. Coaching can play a significant role in broadening educators’ instructional repertoire and improving both teaching and learning. Effective coaches build positive relationships and follow protocols that lead to lasting changes in classroom instruction. This workshop provides instructional coaches and administrators with step-by-step guidelines for working with teachers to increase their effectiveness.

Make a connection that makes a difference. Learn strategies for offering targeted feedback, nurturing the drive for self-improvement, and engaging teachers in the process of growing their professional knowledge and skills. Empower teachers to respond to student needs, and you will help them experience success in the classroom.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Discover a range of models and techniques for providing coaching support.
  • Learn how to help teachers employ 41 elements of effective teaching in classrooms.
  • Explore the research, teacher actions, desired student responses, scaffolding techniques, and extensions for more than 280 instructional strategies.

Recommended Participants

School leaders, instructional coaches


One day