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Coaching for Teachers
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Coaching for Teachers


Provide immediate, intensive instructional support to teachers. Don’t have a coaching program set up? Need improved student achievement results urgently? Implementing a new program that requires significant instructional change?

Marzano Resources coaches will collaborate virtually with teachers, one-to-one. By observing videos of educators in the classroom, teachers will broaden and hone their instructional practices with our outcomes-based approach that focuses on strategies that impact student learning. This service includes ten sessions, which can be used by one teacher ten times, ten teachers one time, or any other combination, depending on your needs.

Each session includes:

  1. The teacher’s self-assessment of perceived use of the 41 elements in Dr. Marzano’s instructional framework
  2. A video analysis of the teacher in the classroom (live or recorded)
  3. A written report for the teacher
  4. A phone call or webinar session with the teacher to discuss results
  5. Recommended action items and next steps
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Learning Outcomes

  • Establish current levels of performance.
  • Identify measurable goals for improved performance.
  • Acquire new skills and strategies to meet the goals.
  • Practice to become proficient in the new strategies.
  • Measure growth and celebrate success.

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Ten sessions