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Creating a Highly Engaged Classroom
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Creating a Highly Engaged Classroom


Engage students deeply in the joy of learning. Create a lively, dynamic classroom in which students are excited to learn and have the drive to keep exploring until they succeed. This workshop explores the four questions behind student engagement and shows how to set the stage for positive answers to each of them:

  1. How do I feel?
  2. Am I interested?
  3. Is this important?
  4. Can I do this?

Learn how to lay a positive foundation that predisposes students to learn. Take home practical, research-based strategies to spark student interest and make learning personally relevant. Discover how to build the confidence that gives students ownership of their learning.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Gain sound instructional strategies for engaging students.
  • Distinguish between short-term attention and deep engagement.
  • Connect classroom goals to students’ personal goals.
  • Build your capacity to increase student achievement.
  • Spark students’ personal interest in learning.
  • Nurture students’ sense of self-efficacy.

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One or two days