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Alignment Evaluation
Proficiency Scale Services

Alignment Evaluation

Do you want to know if the content articulated in your measurement topics or proficiency scales is aligned to your standards? Are you concerned that there might be gaps or overlaps? Marzano Resources can evaluate the level of alignment between the target content you’ve articulated and your standards or your standardized test. We’ll identify and describe redundancies, gaps, and extraneous content so that your staff can make targeted revisions that dramatically increase their instructional effectiveness.

Request service
  • A list of elements must be submitted to Marzano Research (these may or may not be sorted into measurement topics; if proficiency scales are submitted, the alignment will be performed using the 3.0 elements from each scale).
  • The foundational document for the alignment must be submitted to Marzano Research (this could be a standards document or a test blueprint).
  • The list of elements will be compared to the areas articulated in the foundational document to identify potential redundancies (multiple elements that correspond to one area of the foundational document), gaps (areas of the foundational document for which no elements exist), and extraneous content (elements that do not correspond to any areas of the foundational document).
  • The customer will receive one product: a report showing the alignment of each element to each area of the foundational document, along with a list of elements that do not align to any areas of the foundational document.
  • This service does not include any changes, revisions, or edits to the submitted list of elements.
  • This service includes a follow-up call to address any customer questions regarding the alignment.