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Measurement Topic Revision
Proficiency Scale Services

Measurement Topic Revision

Have you prioritized your standards and created measurement topics? Would you like to set your staff up for success creating proficiency scales? Marzano Resources can analyze your prioritized standards and measurement topics according to specific criteria from the research literature. We’ll suggest and incorporate targeted revisions that position your staff to create high-quality proficiency scales and learning progressions.

Request service
  • A list of elements sorted into measurement topics must be submitted to Marzano Research (each measurement topic should include three or fewer elements).
  • The measurement topics and elements will be evaluated for unidimensionality and covariance.
  • The customer will receive two products: (1) a report with a section for each measurement topic that details feedback regarding, but not limited to, the criteria outlined above; and (2) a set of revised measurement topics and elements with Marzano Research’s suggested changes incorporated.
  • This service includes a follow-up call to address any customer questions regarding the revision.