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Disruptive Classroom Technologies: Domains of Transformation Webinar

May 21, 2015

Disruptive Classroom Technologies: Domains of Transformation Webinar
Sonny Magaña

While leveraging technology to enhance classroom instruction has become an essential component of 21st century teaching, evaluating the qualities of classroom instruction with technology is fast becoming an essential component of effective 21st century leadership. In order to provide meaningful feedback to classroom teachers, today’s educational leaders need to frame their evaluative practices within the context of the modern classroom—and that means understanding what effective teaching with technology looks like.

During the webinar, Sonny Magaña will provide a brief overview of how transformative use of readily available classroom technologies can dramatically accelerate teaching and learning, along with specific steps leaders can take to enact transformative 21st century educational leadership.

  • Examine the research on the Enhancing the Art and Science of Teaching With Technology model.
  • Discover a new framework for identifying high-value technology integration strategies.
  • Explore a broad range of instructional strategies that can immediately be used in the classroom.
  • Sonny Magaña

    Sonny Magaña, EdD, works with teams of teachers and leaders to support, enhance, and expand instructional strategies with technology. He has served in public education for nearly 30 years.

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