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Foundational Strategies for Distance Learning

With: Tina H. Boogren, Jennifer Deinhart, William M. Ferriter, Alex Kajitani, Jasmine K. Kullar, Paula Maeker, Robert J. Marzano, Alexander McNeece, Regina Stephens Owens, Kipp D. Rogers, Mona Toncheff, Eric Twadell, Katie White

Based on the research-affirmed New Art and Science of Teaching framework by Dr. Robert J. Marzano and ACUE’s Effective Practice Framework©, this teacher-centered online course delivers in-depth training for remote teaching and learning strategies for secondary educators.

Redwood Learning is a trusted partnership between Solution Tree and ACUE.

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USD $600.00

Important CARES Act and COVID Relief Package Information for District & School Leaders

Our new professional learning course, Foundational Strategies for Distance Learning, directly addresses the best strategies for equitable remote teaching and how to mitigate further student learning loss due to the pandemic. As the outcomes of this course are directly related to addressing effective remote instruction, possible CARES Act and COVID Relief funds may be used to purchase and provision Foundational Strategies for Distance Learning to teachers now. Please review guidance from your state regarding this possibility.

Maximize professional growth through a cycle of learning, practicing, & reflecting

Our teacher-centered course brings comprehensive support to educators for remote teaching and distance learning teaching strategies. Specially designed for secondary educators, the course adapts the key components of Dr. Robert J. Marzano’s The New Art and Science of Teaching framework for remote education. This award-winning framework is based on more than 50 years of research and comprehensively addresses the most alterable effect on student learning: high-quality instruction. The Foundational Strategies for Distance Learning course focuses on implementation of the evidence-based strategies, fine-tuning what teachers are doing in the classroom and leading to better, more equitable student outcomes.

Taught by nationally known experts, the course is comprised of six modules:

  • Module 1: Building Relationships
  • Module 2: Maintaining Engagement
  • Module 3: Using Procedures
  • Module 4: Delivering Initial Lessons
  • Module 5: Facilitating Student Practice and Application
  • Module 6: Assessing and Providing Feedback

Each course includes up to 30 participants. Professional learning time: 12 weeks, 15 total hours.

Each module includes:

  • An introduction to the area of study
  • Insights from nationally recognized experts in K-12 teaching and learning
  • Videos of current practitioners modeling best-practice in online teaching
  • The expectation that participants select a practice, try it in their classroom, review their progress, and reflect on how the practice impacted teaching and student learning
  • A facilitator who provides feedback, manages online discussions, and scores the reflection assignments
  • Planning guides and resources that teachers can begin using immediately in their classrooms

Additional Information

Product Code: RED001

What is the framework that the course design is built upon?
Developed by Dr. Robert J. Marzano, The New Art and Science of Teaching is a thoroughly researched instructional framework that details specific, proven actions educators can take to improve student learning outcomes. The course is also aligned to the Association of College and University Educators’ Effective Practice Framework©, a research-based and independently validated set of core instructional competencies embraced across higher education. For this course, the framework’s competencies include practices specific to a remote learning context.

How does the course work?
The course is provided online and managed by a facilitator who provides feedback, manages online discussions, and scores the reflection assignments. Facilitators communicate with participants approximately biweekly to introduce the week’s coursework, encourage participation, and share other cohort details. They also work with individual participants to help them stay on track and answer general course questions. Facilitators track the progress of the cohort, beginning with tracking acceptance to the course and continuing by monitoring progress through the modules. Since the first two weeks of the course are crucial for ensuring that all course-takers understand how to complete each module, facilitators often follow up with participants to make sure they submit complete reflections and know how to make adjustments when necessary.

From whom will I be learning in this course?
The courses were built with nationally recognized K-12 teaching and learning experts who contributed to the creation of high-quality demonstration videos, interviews with experts, teaching resources, and planning guides. Each class is managed by a facilitator from ACUE, with a strong knowledge of teaching and learning, who provides instructional feedback, manages online discussions, and scores the reflection assignments within the course. Facilitators are responsible for guiding course-takers through the microcredential.

How do you ensure course efficacy?
We offer expert-led online professional development through a research-based learning design shown to increase teacher efficacy and improve student outcomes.

When will the course begin?
The Foundational Strategies for Distance Learning course for individual enrollees is currently slated to start on three dates this spring: April 10, 2021, May 1, 2021, and June 5, 2021. Additional dates will be added at a later time.

How long does it take to complete one course?
The course has a defined start date and takes approximately 12 weeks to complete.

How many modules are in one course?
There are six modules in the Foundational Strategies for Distance Learning coursework.

How much time does each module take to complete?
Each module takes approximately 2 to 3 hours to complete. This includes 1 hour of logged-in course time and an additional 1 to 2 hours to try a practice in the classroom and reflect on implementation.

How many educators can I register from my school or district?
Each course includes up to 33 participants.

Can I register as an individual?
Yes, the course is available to individual registrants. You will be placed in a course with up to 32 other participants.

I want to be in a cohort with a colleague. Will you guarantee that we can go through the course together?
While we cannot guarantee positions in a cohort, we will do our best to accommodate special requests.

Can course participants earn microcredentials and CEUs?
Yes, course participants have the opportunity to earn microcredentials issued by Redwood Learning and endorsed by Solution Tree and ACUE. A certificate with 15 contact hours will be provided upon course completion. Continuing education credits are good for renewing teaching licenses in some states/provinces. The actual requirements vary by state. In some cases, even if they are not your state’s standard, CEUs can be converted into the unit that is prescribed. Please check with your state’s department of education to verify your state’s standards.

What organization backs the microcredentials?
Microcredentials are issued by Redwood Learning and endorsed by Solution Tree and ACUE.

What will I receive as I earn my microcredential?
Participants will receive a digital badge after successfully completing each module. Each course offers a culminating microcredential and badge which is delivered through Badger.

How might I utilize the badge I have earned?
Badge-earners use badges in different ways. Choose to download badge(s) to print, insert badges into your email signature or share your achievement on social media.

When does the course begin?
Individual participants will be assigned to a specific course and informed of the start time. Attendees cannot change to the next course offering once started.

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