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Level 2, Course 3: Student Learning

Online Course
Level 2, Course 3: Student Learning

Participants will ensure that students are learning at an adequate rate. They will demonstrate implementation of a viable curriculum and assessments that are aligned to the curriculum.

Learning Objectives

  • Provide evidence that measurement topics and proficiency scales are in place
  • Provide evidence that assessments are aligned to those scales
  • Demonstrate overall growth of the class
  • Report growth of each student with a corresponding explanation of growth
  • Provide an intervention plan for students who did not demonstrate adequate growth

Items included

  • Online Course 3: Student Learning


  • Successful completion of Course 1 and Course 2

Time Commitment

  • 4–12 months

Certificate Credits

  • 18 hours

Download the High Reliability Teacher certification guide

Time Commitment

  • Participants will be given 12 months to complete the course; however, the estimated time commitment for this course is 4-12 months.

Certificate/CEU Hours

  • Once participants successfully complete the course, they are eligible for 18 certificate/CEU hours.
  • Participants may be able to apply the course completion hours toward license renewal; please check with your state.

Graduate Credit

  • Students must enroll in HRT level 2 to be eligible for graduate credit. Students will receive 1 graduate credit (18 contact hours) for completion of HRT level 2.
  • What university provides the graduate credit? Adams State University
  • How is my work on the course scored? For the graduate credit course, all course components of Level 2 must be completed with a passing score. Module written reflections, midterms, and finals are scored by an expert facilitator based on a rubric that is available within the course.
  • How can I tell if the credits will apply to my state requirements? CEU credits vary by state and district. Check with your state or district educational websites.


Step 1: Admissions Process

  • Student registers for Level 2 via Marzano Resources website.
  • Once enrolled, student will then need to register with Adams State University for graduate credit.
  • Adams State Registration Form: Adams State University Non Degree Application form.
  • Be sure to indicate the correct course number and title on your application:
    Course #589 – High Reliability Schools Instructional Strategies
  • Adams State University will not accept paper registration forms listing credit card information via postal mail or email.
    All registration forms must be faxed to: 719.587.7974.
  • When these items are received and reviewed, your admissions letter will be sent to you via email.

Step 2: Course Registration

  • The admissions email will contain directions for enrollment in the course for the applicable term: spring term (January through April); summer term (May through July); and fall term (August through November).

Step 3: Transcript Request

  • After Adams State University and the instructor of record approve grade, a complimentary transcript will be mailed to the participant.

If you require any assistance with registration, please contact:
Adams State University
Extended Studies
Roselie Schlaufman, administrative assistant III
Phone: 800.548.6679

My school is outside the US. How can I tell if the credits will apply internationally? Please contact Adams State University Extended Studies at 800.548.6679 or via email at

What are the course activities? Participants are required to complete a variety of tasks and submit work products within the online courses for feedback. These products include, but are not limited to, video recordings of lessons, written and video recorded reflections, student surveys, classroom projects, self-assessments, and growth goals.

How are assignments graded? Assignments are graded using a binary grading style (accepted or not accepted). For tasks that are not accepted, feedback will be provided and assignments may be re-submitted with corrections.

Who grades the coursework? Certification reviewers are current or retired practitioners who have proven success in improving instruction, and are Marzano Resources professional development associates. Associates have a master’s degree or doctorate degree in educational leadership, teaching, or a related area; three or more years of experience in a school leadership position; presentation experience at the district level and beyond; and an in-depth understanding of Marzano Resources’ work.

What happens after successfully completing a course? Once participants successfully complete a level, they receive a certificate from Marzano Resources and recognition on the Marzano Resources HRT certification webpage. HRT certification never expires, and teachers may carry the HRT credentials with them if they move to a different district. CEU and college-level credit may also be available.

How long do I have to complete a course? Participants are given 12 months to complete each course.

How long will it be after I enroll before I have access to the course(s)? You will receive your login information from an administrator within 48 hours of when payment is received. If you call to enroll, it may be within 60 hours. If you enroll using a check or purchase order, you will receive your login information from an administrator within 48 hours after payment is received.

Can I work at my own pace? Yes, every course is self-paced and accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Can I access the course on my iPad or iPhone? Yes, online courses are accessible on any digital device.

How can I tell if the credits will apply to my state requirements? CEU credits vary by state and district. Check your state’s educational websites to verify that HRT course credits apply in your state.

Are refunds available? Refund requests for online courses must be received within 10 days from the date of purchase.

I want to change some of the names and emails I sent in for my district. Is it too late? Changing names or emails may cause a delay in accessing the course. If the course has been accessed, we cannot issue a refund.

What are the technical requirements for equipment, software, and web access? Special software is not required. High-speed Internet access is best for streaming videos. The courses are compatible with most browsers. For users of Internet Explorer 11, we recommend using Compatibility View, which can be accessed by opening an Internet webpage and navigating to the Tools menu.

What if I have trouble accessing the course? Call 800.728.0032 Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m.–5:30 p.m. EST, or email