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Instructional Rounds
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Instructional Rounds


Develop collaborative processes for exploring and honing instructional practices. Teams of leaders and teachers will understand how to successfully implement instructional rounds. By engaging in deep professional dialogue with peers as part of a structured learning process, teachers increase their skills in creating effective and engaging lessons.

Get in the learning groove. We’ll walk your team through the process of setting up, conducting, debriefing, and summarizing experiences from instructional rounds. Teachers will learn how to use the results to identify which instructional practices to continue, rethink, or add. Leaders will learn how to coordinate and facilitate teachers’ observations and conversations before, during, and after instructional rounds.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the true purpose of instructional rounds: professional growth.
  • Build a positive context for instructional rounds through a nonevaluative, collaborative approach.
  • Learn simple processes and routines to structure your instructional rounds.
  • Engage in rich dialogue with colleagues around the effectiveness of instructional strategies and practices.
  • Analyze team-developed lesson plans to identify what works and what needs revision.

Recommended Participants

School leaders, teachers


One day