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Motivating and Inspiring Students
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Motivating and Inspiring Students


Activate students’ metacognitive and self-systems. With research-based strategies, you’ll learn how to help students meet their own needs and achieve their goals and desires.

This interactive workshop is based on the idea that we all have four systems—knowledge, cognitive, metacognitive, and self—working in our minds at any given moment. While K–12 education has traditionally done a solid job of focusing on the knowledge and cognitive systems, the metacognitive and self-systems have often been neglected in schools. Help teachers understand, appreciate, and address these other two systems, particularly the self-system, in order to reach the whole child and awaken each and every learner in the classroom.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the four systems that humans operate under at all times and how these systems impact students and teachers in schools.
  • Delve into the metacognitive and self-systems’ hierarchy of goals, and understand how teachers can address these goals in order to reach students’ hearts, heads, and hands.
  • Discover ways to create a culture and climate in schools and classrooms that awaken students to new possibilities and excitement.
  • Learn specific strategies tied to each level of the hierarchy of goals within the self-system that can be implemented immediately, including how to provide fair and equitable treatment of all students and diminish bullying behavior, plus ways to promote a growth mindset, inspire students, and engage in personal projects.
  • Reflect on your own teaching practices and the extent to which your behavior instills purpose, inspiration, and passion in your students.
  • Get inspired—or re-inspired—to awaken each and every learner in your classroom.

Recommended Participants

Teachers, instructional coaches, school leaders


One day