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The New Art and Science of Classroom Assessment
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The New Art and Science of Classroom Assessment


As educational leaders strive to move their schools into the future, it is critical to reshape classroom assessment to be more accurate, meaningful, and authentic.

The New Art and Science of Classroom Assessment Workshop examines the inadequacies of traditional assessment protocols and provides step-by-step guidance for transitioning to powerful assessment methods that better reflect student progress toward learning goals.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Explore a new perspective on effective assessment practice that includes classroom, interim, and year-end assessments.
  • Learn how to create a curriculum that provides clear guidance as to what should be assessed.
  • Discuss how to accurately measure the progression of student mastery through a variety of assessment methods.
  • Acquire strategies for assessing four general types of skills: (1) cognitive skills, (2) knowledge-application skills, (3) metacognitive skills, and (4) general behavior skills.
  • Learn how to design valid, reliable, and fair classroom assessments aligned to proficiency scales.
  • Develop expertise with assessment tools, such as the types of declarative content, selected response items, and short constructed response questions.

Recommended Participants

Classroom teachers, principals, assistant principals, instructional facilitators, and district leaders.

Time Frame

  • One day with optional follow-up sessions for continued support and data analysis.
    A keynote option is also available.