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The New Art and Science of Teaching Reading
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The New Art and Science of Teaching Reading


Increase the effectiveness of reading instruction by understanding how literacy develops. Learning to read is a complex endeavor, but effective teaching makes it possible for every student to become proficient.

Robert J. Marzano’s popular New Art and Science of Teaching framework provides a general model of effective teaching; in this workshop, you’ll explore reading-specific instructional strategies that fit within and extend Dr. Marzano’s framework to encompass five overarching areas of literacy development.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Discover a content-specific model of reading aligned to the general framework of The New Art and Science of Teaching
  • Learn how to provide targeted instruction supported by the latest research on reading, literacy, and classroom instruction
  • Explore reading-focused instructional strategies related to feedback, content, and context
  • Understand how to differentiate literacy activities to meet the unique needs of every student

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Time Frame

  • 1-2 days