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The Art and Science of Teaching
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The Art and Science of Teaching


Great teachers are made, not born. Even small improvements in teacher effectiveness can impact student achievement. Acquire new tools and strategies to become the best teacher you can be. This interactive, engaging workshop introduces and explains the instructional framework from The Art and Science of Teaching. Participants learn the 10 design questions to ask when planning a unit of instruction, the 3 segments of each lesson to prepare, and the 41 elements of effective teaching to master, with specific attention to engagement.

Modeling, dialogue, and activities show how and when to use different strategies. Schools and districts can put this comprehensive framework of effective teaching into place immediately or use the training to generate their own models.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Acquire a common language of instruction.
  • Master essential instructional routines such as providing clear learning goals and defining levels of proficiency.
  • Acquire strategies for delivering new content, and practice them to deepen understanding.
  • Discover the importance of applying knowledge by generating and testing hypotheses.
  • Learn important teacher behaviors for engaging students and building strong relationships.
  • Ensure high expectations for all students.

Recommended Participants

District leaders, school leaders, teachers


Two days