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Designing and Teaching Learning Goals and Objectives
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Designing and Teaching Learning Goals and Objectives


Focus instructional activities on what matters most. Clear, specific learning goals lay the foundation for effective teaching. Learn what effective teachers do to establish and communicate learning goals, track student progress, and celebrate success.

Target and measure improved student learning. High-quality goals set an appropriate level of difficulty, drive the selection of targeted instructional activities, and align with assessment tools that allow teachers and students to measure progress. First explore the research on goal setting and two different kinds of learning goals. Then you’ll learn how to design goals and align them with proficiency scales to measure student performance. Finally, track student results—and celebrate!

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Learning Outcomes

  • Distinguish between true learning goals and mere activities or assignments.
  • Understand the difference between declarative and procedural knowledge.
  • Translate broad standards into specific learning goals.
  • Design goals at varying levels of difficulty and differentiate content for student needs.
  • Explore four levels of cognition and how to design corresponding assessment items and tasks.
  • Implement learning goals effectively over the course of a unit or school year.

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