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Promoting Student Agency Webinar

Back-to-School Strategies for Personalized, Competency-Based Schools

August 23, 2016

Promoting Student Agency Webinar
Douglas Finn III

Interested in developing student agency through a more student-centered environment in your school or classroom? Join Douglas Finn III as he provides an overview of an upcoming Marzano Research handbook on personalized, competency-based systems. The webinar will highlight strategies that will help you create a learning environment that promotes student agency. Learn practical strategies you can use in the first few weeks of school. This webinar will focus on implementation at the classroom level and will also benefit site leaders.

  • Douglas Finn III

    Douglas Finn III has been working in the area of personalized competency-based education (PCBE) since 2004. Within PCBE, he has taught every grade, kindergarten through graduation, and has been an instructional and administrative coach for schools and districts throughout the country.

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