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Using Questioning Sequences in the Classroom
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Using Questioning Sequences in the Classroom


Elicit higher-order thinking from students. Research indicates that the intentional use of targeted questions in a coordinated sequence is an effective way to enhance students’ reasoning skills and increase rigor in the classroom. Questioning sequences lead students through the process of making an authentic claim and supporting it with evidence.

Discover why individual questions are not a reliable way to encourage students to use higher-order thinking and knowledge-application skills. Learn a four-phase process for questioning that prompts students to use the argumentation and reasoning skills highlighted in the college- and career-readiness anchor standards and mathematical practice standards of the Common Core State Standards.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the four phases of an effective questioning sequence.
  • Increase the rigor of content through questioning sequences that build students’ argumentation skills.
  • Understand how to scaffold students’ thinking through appropriate questions about details, categories, elaborations, and evidence.
  • Discover research on effective questioning and questioning sequences in the classroom.
  • Explore important planning considerations for designing questioning sequences.
  • Align questioning practices in the classroom with the cognitive skills required by state standards.

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