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Tips From Dr. Marzano

The Critical Concepts white paper


The Critical ConceptsThe following tips are designed to assist you in applying the latest research in tangible ways in your classroom, school, or district.

Schools and districts interested in using the Critical Concepts have several options. First, a school or district might use the Critical Concepts measurement topics … as a starting point for creating proficiency scales. Educators could use the lists as a foundation and proceed by adding or deleting topics according to their unique needs and situations. (page 25)

The process of validating the Critical Concepts begins by matching school or district standards to the Critical Concepts measurement topics and comparing the standards to the 3.0 elements within each measurement topic. Any gaps or overlaps should be noted. (page 25)

If educators believe that elements grouped together in a single measurement topic in the Critical Concepts should actually be measured or scored separately, they can split a proficiency scale into two or more separate scales. (page 26)

In the Critical Concepts proficiency scales, the simpler content articulated at the score 2.0 level is a list of possible vocabulary terms and basic processes and information that students could be expected to master as they work toward the 3.0 level elements. This does not imply that students must master everything listed at the score 2.0 level. (page 26)

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