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High Reliability Teacher™: Developing Teacher Expertise Webinar

August 5, 2020

High Reliability Teacher™: Developing Teacher Expertise Webinar
Shelley Gies

Developing teaching expertise is a common goal, yet achieving it remains challenging. To support you, we created the High Reliability Teacher™ (HRT) program. This free webinar will provide an overview of the HRT program components that serve as the vehicle for teacher growth and development.

  • Learn about the HRT program—how it helps teachers develop habits that lead to teaching expertise and the steps required to become a certified High Reliability Teacher.
  • Explore how HRT can help you to grow professionally in instruction, assessment, and feedback, as well as gain strategies for improvement in specific teacher goal areas.
  • Understand how HRT helps to improve student achievement and to determine if the results produced are valid and reliable.
  • Shelley Gies

    Shelley Gies, EdD, is a full-time associate with experience with curriculum, instruction, and assessment at the district level. During her extensive educational career, Dr. Gies also served as principal and classroom teacher.

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