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Personalized Competency-Based Education Webinar

September 5, 2019

Personalized Competency-Based Education Webinar
Bill Zima

Develop students’ confidence that they have the skill set and mindset necessary to control their lives. Give learners a chance to make choices and realize the consequences of those choices, incorporating:

  • Transparency of learning outcomes through the use of proficiency scales
  • Assessment to gather evidence and provide feedback to learners on how they are progressing from not knowing to knowing to understanding
  • Routines and processes to give learners voice and choice, such as SOPs, codes of conduct, and shared visions

In this webinar, participants will learn about the systems and structures of personalized competency-based education that can support the development of learners’ self-efficacy, so they recognize they have the ability to shape lives better, giving them the power of hope.

  • Bill Zima

    Bill Zima is the director of implementation for Marzano Academies, working with schools to help realize their unique vision of high reliability organizations that build agency in all learners.

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