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Teacher's Guide to Standards-Based Learning
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Teacher's Guide to Standards-Based Learning


Transitioning to a standards-based classroom is a major change but one that is highly beneficial for both teachers and students. Rather than focusing on abstractions and theories, this on-site session provides teachers, and those who guide change in their classrooms, with practical, hands-on strategies and advice for shifting to standards-based learning.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the role of standards and proficiency scales in a standards-based classroom.
  • Review how to apply standards-based procedures for planning and delivering instruction.
  • Learn effective ways for students to set goals and track their progress.
  • Discover how to use proficiency scales as the basis of creating and scoring quality classroom assessments.
  • Acquire strategies for configuring grades in a thoughtful manner and communicating them effectively.

Recommended Participants

Teachers, literacy coaches, curriculum designers

Time Frame

  • 1-2 days