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A Teacher’s Guide to Standards-Based Learning Webinar

October 9, 2019

A Teacher’s Guide to Standards-Based Learning Webinar
Jeff Flygare

When districts and schools change to standards-based grading, this can mean significant changes for the classroom teacher. Author Jeff Flygare hosts this webinar, based on the book he coauthored, to share practical advice for adjusting to teaching, assessing, and grading in a standards-based classroom. Following a brief overview of why the change to standards-based helps both student and teacher, the presenter will identify the key adjustments teachers face as they work with standards.

  • Explore the theories and benefits of a standards-based curriculum.
  • Become familiar with several significant paradigm shifts that will help you make a strong transition to a standards-based classroom.
  • Explore ways to shift your thinking about teaching and lesson plans in order to better understand content as a vehicle for the achievement of standards.
  • Jeff Flygare

    Jeff Flygare has served as a classroom teacher, professional development presenter, and English language arts specialist. He led the movement to a standards-based education for Academy School District 20 in Colorado.

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