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Teaching in a Competency-Based Elementary School

The Marzano Academies Model

By: Robert J. Marzano, Seth D. Abbott

Access your roadmap to competency-based education (CBE) success and discover essential teaching strategies from educators who have done this work. Learn how you too can positively impact student learning with this instructional framework.

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Collaborative teaching strategies for competency-based education in elementary schools

Dr. Robert J. Marzano collaborates with Seth D. Abbott, a teacher working in one of the first districts in the United States to transition to competency-based education (CBE). Together, they offer a roadmap that guides readers through the instructional framework foundational to CBE success. The book helps elementary school educators make shifts in their daily practice to positively impact student learning and offers practical strategies from real classrooms.

Rely on this teaching resource for competency-based education in elementary schools:

  • Understand competency-based education and the Marzano Academies specific approach.
  • Gain practical guidance on how to use the instructional framework that is key to student-centered learning.
  • Access practical examples and strategies for implementing the Marzano Academies model of teaching in your classroom.
  • Support your students in attaining academic achievement and developing important life skills through competency-based learning.
  • Develop a productive, effective mindset to realize the full potential of CBE.

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ISBN: 9781943360390

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