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At Avanti, we believe in your passion and drive to impact the students you teach. Our goal is to make it easy for you to take control of your professional learning. We’re here to provide you with the content you need, created by teachers you can trust, to bring your vision of success to life—for you and your students.

Make a difference with teaching strategies you can implement today

Avanti is a learning hub for teachers with different needs and the same goal—ensuring high levels of learning for every student.

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Avanti online professional development for teachers maximizes your learning time and your ability to make a real difference for every student in your classroom.

Support materials like implementation guides, reflection pages, online community spaces, and recommended resources offer opportunities to engage more deeply with the content.

Content areas include:

  • Engagement
  • Building Relationships
  • Direct Instruction
  • Learning Goals
  • Assessment

Each video offers these key components:

  • Why the strategy is important
  • How to use the strategy
  • What successful implementation looks like
  • How to try the strategy right away

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Your time is a precious resource

Not only is it fast and easy to search for content that’s relevant to you, but the videos are also short, teacher friendly, and accessible—and they get right to the strategy. The more you use Avanti, the more your teacher toolkit will grow.

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It’s personal.

These are the top reasons that today’s educators are choosing Avanti for online professional development.

An Affordable, Easy-to-Implement Investment for Expiring ESSER Funds
Teacher Training Time May Apply Toward State Licensing Requirements*
More Than 250 Quick, Strategy-Based Videos
Optional Community Sharing & Support Features
Implementation Guides, Reflection Rubrics & Resources
Customizable Playlists
Easy-to-Use Platform, Easier-to-Implement Strategies
Live Speaker Sessions
Safe and Secure Online Environment for Districtwide Teams
25 New Videos Monthly on Average
Mobile Friendly / Works on Any Device
Same Solution Tree Quality You Know and Trust

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*Please check with your local district office to confirm whether Avanti training applies to continuing education credits (CEUs/participation hours) for state licensing requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Avanti?
The Avanti catalog houses more than 700 strategy-based videos, most about 3–5 minutes long. Every video comes with an implementation guide, resources, and a self-reflection rubric to help teachers accelerate their core proficiency on that strategy. With new videos, new topic strands, and a collaborative community feature, teachers can stay current with their educational practices and get help and support they need from other educators and our Avanti team of experts.

Why Avanti?
Avanti revolutionizes teacher professional development, providing educators with flexible, professional growth opportunities. Unlike traditional methods requiring extensive after-hours commitments, Avanti allows teachers to seamlessly enhance their skills. Accessing resources, connecting with peers, and gaining tips for upcoming lessons takes just minutes. Avanti's brilliance lies in its tailored design for teachers' busy schedules. It focuses on a single strategy, letting teachers develop expertise at their pace.

How does Avanti help support our other work with Solution Tree (e.g., PLC at Work® and RTI at Work™)?
The PLC at Work process fosters a culture of continuous improvement, where educators are committed to ongoing learning and growth. This culture is characterized by trust, collaboration, and a focus on results. Avanti provides a comprehensive platform for supporting educators in implementing the PLC at Work process, fostering collaboration, and driving continuous improvement in teacher instructional practice, which directly impacts outcomes. By integrating data analysis, goal setting, collaboration, and reflection, Avanti empowers educators to work toward their shared mission of improving student achievement.

How much does Avanti cost?
Remarkably affordable at $98 per user for a one-year subscription, Avanti is perfect for a single teacher or an entire district.