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The most distinctive learning experience you can bring to your educators

Give your entire school community a professional learning experience right from your campus that will deepen your understanding of High Reliability Schools. With the High Reliability Schools Wired Event, you can access pre-recorded sessions for a one-day, two-day, or three-day experience, with time built into each day for teams to collaborate.

Choose the High Reliability Schools Wired Event to:

  • Access pre-recorded sessions for a one-day, two-day, or three-day experience with top HRS experts to deepen shared knowledge of this proven framework
  • Receive on-site or virtual support from a certified associate who will lead your Wired Event and facilitate group discussions
  • Cultivate a positive team spirit and use collaborative team time to help achieve your desired learning outcomes
  • Receive copies of Leading a High Reliability School to give to each attendee
  • Share additional supportive resources with your teams
  • Receive one complimentary registration to a live event

How it works

  1. Personalize your experience—Work with a Marzano Resources representative to schedule your dates.
  2. Prepare your entire team—Get your team excited about the training and development, and we'll work with you on the details.
  3. Localize—A hand-selected Marzano Resources associate will provide support for your team during your event.
  4. Empower your teams—Provide your staff with tools to advance their development and your students' achievement.

Talk to a representative to explore solutions for your team

Contact our Wired Events team to schedule an event that works for your team. Fill out the form below or call us at 888.849.0851 to speak with a representative.

High Reliability Schools Model Agenda

Discover what a difference the right framework can make in ensuring effective instruction in every classroom, creating a positive school culture, making significant strides in continuous improvement, and motivating students to own their learning and make positive choices in the classroom. Participants will engage in inspiring and informative learning sessions as well as dedicated time to work as teams to build knowledge, skill, and strategy in implementing HRS practices to improve student learning.

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Robert J. Marzano & Philip B. Warrick

The Five Big Ideas of Leading a High Reliability School

The High Reliability Schools (HRS) framework and the big ideas of an HRS provide schools with the tools to move beyond the concept of having a successful school and on to being a school in which each student finds success. The five big ideas of an HRS empower schools to address the unique challenges they face with successful systems and interventions, engage in the concept of data-driven leadership, and ensure equity in learning.

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