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The impact of Covid-19 will have a long-lasting effect on every facet of our society. Very few institutions were more disrupted than schools. The pandemic affected staffing, funding, morale, and the continuity of student learning. Participants explore the history of the field of education and examine why the tenants of the PLC at Work process were important before the global pandemic and why they are even more important after the pandemic. This is not the time to back away from the PLC at Work process; this is the time to reinforce its foundation.

  • Teams learn the history of the PLC at Work movement and the evolution of the public school promise.
  • The PLC at Work process is essential to repair and advance the field of education following the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Teams work together to assess their current reality against the essential "tight" elements of the PLC at Work process using specially designed rubrics and surveys.
  • Teams learn the importance of a strong guiding coalition in the implementation of the PLC at Work process.
  • Teams conduct a gap analysis of their current practices compared to the practices of a PLC at Work and design an action plan for improvement upon their return to school.

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