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Bolstering Student Resilience

Creating a Classroom with Consistency, Connection, and Compassion

Move beyond the buzzwords surrounding social-emotional learning and focus on three fundamentals for successfully supporting your students. This book illuminates the why behind the work and offers proven strategies for building positive, supportive classrooms.


  • Create predictable, safe classrooms by establishing clear structures for routines, acknowledgment, and discipline.
  • Set limits and boundaries in the classroom while building skills through relationships.
  • Allow flexibility and emotional space for students—particularly those with pronounced social, emotional, or behavioral needs.
  • Discover an approach to SEL that works across all frameworks and initiatives.
  • Study the supportive discipline framework to replace detrimental behaviors with prosocial skills.
  • Give feedback that supports consistency and builds connections.

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Bolstering Student Resilience

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Chapter 1: Understanding Student Risk Factors
Chapter 2: Using Universal Practices to Promote Consistency
Chapter 3: Giving Feedback to Support Consistency and Build Connection
Chapter 4: Creating Classrooms That Support Connection
Chapter 5: Employing Discipline That Ensures Consistency
Chapter 6: Adjusting Discipline for Compassion
Chapter 7: Using Data Effectively to Tie It All Together
Chapter 8: Helping Students With Ongoing Needs




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Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8