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Professional Learning
High Reliability Schools

Your path to continuous school improvement

  • Build a safe, supportive, and collaborative culture.
  • Ensure effective teaching in every classroom.
  • Design a guaranteed and viable curriculum.
  • Achieve standards-referenced reporting.
  • Implement a competency-based education system.
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On-Site & Virtual Professional Learning for High Reliability Schools

Reach unprecedented levels of academic excellence. The Marzano High Reliability Schools (HRS) framework serves as a strategic planning model to help schools focus on specific, research-based conditions for continuous school improvement.

With the guidance of our acclaimed HRS experts, you’ll explore the five levels of high reliability, use data to identify and respond to your school’s needs, and ensure every student, teacher, and educator has the ability to succeed.

Where are you on your professional learning journey?

Your team is ready to gain understanding, inspiration, and strategies to begin an HRS professional learning program. See one-day services

You need more intensive sessions to deepen understanding and further your progress. See two-to-four-day services

You want to embed key processes, practices, and procedures designed to significantly improve staff performance and student achievement. See multi-day services

Your Goal

Building Your Skills

One‑Day Services


An associate will educate and motivate your team to utilize the HRS framework to drive improvements in student achievement

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Becoming a High Reliability School Overview

Dive into the HRS process for strategic planning, and explore examples from other schools using the HRS framework. You’ll reflect on your own school through the lens of high reliability and learn proactive steps for ensuring student success.

  • Explore the five levels of high reliability schools.
  • Learn how to select leading and lagging indicators to address in your school.
  • Discover new ways to use collaborative teams to address common issues regarding curriculum, assessment, instruction, and achievement of all students.
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Leading a High Reliability School Overview

Create the conditions for success in your school. You’ll gain strategies for establishing a safe and collaborative school culture, cultivating effective teaching in every classroom, and developing a guaranteed and viable curriculum schoolwide.

  • Learn the concepts for leading a High Reliability School.
  • Explore and develop strategies for school leadership.
  • Collaborate with other participants to share ideas and system structures for school leadership.
  • Discover how to use quick data sources to create an information loop for data-driven leadership decisions.
  • Reflect on your own areas of strength and areas for growth.
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Your Goal

Deepening Your Skills

Two‑to‑Four‑Day Services

Safe, Supportive, and Collaborative Culture: HRS Level 1

Level 1 of the HRS framework addresses the factors considered foundational to the well-being of a school. You’ll discover how to build a safe, supportive, and collaborative school culture by operating as a professional learning community (PLC).

  • Understand the connection between PLCs and High Reliability Schools.
  • Reflect on the qualities of effective school leaders.
  • Explore the eight leading indicators for a safe, supportive, and collaborative culture.
  • Learn how to use data to respond to the needs of your school community.
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Collaborative Teams That Transform Schools

Collaborative teams have the potential to transform major aspects of teaching and learning. Learn how to transition from teachers working in isolation to a culture of collaboration, and shift the thinking of stakeholders from “my responsibility” to “our responsibility.”

  • Gain a model of effective instruction and strategies for direct instruction.
  • Explore resources for collaborative teams to use as they have honest and challenging discussions, set and monitor norms, and focus on the right work.
  • Chart progress and transformation with self-evaluation surveys.
  • Study how real schools have successfully implemented the strategies discussed during the training.
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High Reliability Schools and PLC at Work®

Harness the collective power of the HRS framework and the PLC at Work® process to dramatically improve school effectiveness. Gain information, insights, and practical suggestions for creating a culture of continuous improvement.

  • Understand how the HRS model can improve success with the PLC at Work® process and how the PLC at Work® process is the cornerstone of a high reliability school.
  • Learn how to keep your school focused on the right work in order to achieve learning for all through a continuous improvement process.
  • Explore the ways in which strong leaders can model and improve the why and how of PLC at Work® through a collaborative culture.
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Educator Wellness

Educator and teacher wellness is a personal journey. And like all journeys, there are starts, stops, and bumps in the road. Designed to prompt reflection and action, this training takes you on a deep exploration where you will uncover profound answers that ring true for you.

  • Observe how a commitment to daily self-care and well-being leads to a more fulfilling, successful life in and outside of the school setting.
  • Explore self-care activities for teachers and educators to sustain well-being in the face of workplace overload and potential burnout.
  • Learn how to monitor your self-care progress and design an actionable wellness plan for next steps.
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The School Wellness Wheel

Evolve your school to address trauma, promote well-being, and elevate learning. Backed by educational, psychological, and medical research, this training provides a growth-focused framework for supporting students’ cognitive, social, and emotional needs.

  • Learn how to develop resilience-centered schools that promote healing and higher levels of wellness and learning.
  • Acquire research-based practices to foster a culture of mastery and ownership and build positive teacher-student relationships.
  • Understand the effects of trauma and adverse childhood experiences on students’ cognitive, social, and emotional growth.
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Motivating and Inspiring Students

This interactive training is based on the idea that we all have four systems—knowledge, cognitive, metacognitive, and self—working in our minds at any given moment. While K–12 education has traditionally done a solid job of focusing on the knowledge and cognitive systems, the metacognitive and self-systems have often been neglected in schools. Help teachers understand, appreciate, and address these other two systems in order to reach the whole child and awaken each and every learner in the classroom.

  • Learn the four systems that humans operate under at all times and how these systems impact students and teachers in schools.
  • Delve into the metacognitive and self-systems’ hierarchy of goals, and understand how teachers can address these goals in order to reach students’ hearts, heads, and hands.
  • Discover ways to create a culture and climate in schools and classrooms that awaken students to new possibilities and excitement.
  • Reflect on your own teaching practices and the extent to which your behavior instills purpose, inspiration, and passion in your students.
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Mindsets and Skill Sets for Learning

Cultivate confident thinkers who have a strong sense of agency over their lives. In this training, you’ll learn what student agency looks and sounds like in the classroom and gain strategies for developing a learner-centered culture, establishing well-defined learning targets, deliberately planning and structuring lessons, and more.

  • Explore the Mindsets and Skill Sets framework for building agency, and understand the importance of developing self-agency in students.
  • Receive detailed explanations of each component of the framework and guidance for putting it into practice in your classroom.
  • Utilize an agency unit planner to design student-centered learning experiences that develop learner agency and skills.
  • Hear perspectives from teachers and students who have transformed learning and increased student engagement using the framework.
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Schoolwide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

Implement Schoolwide Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (SWPBIS). Build a schoolwide tiered model that teaches students prosocial skills, improves school climate and culture, and lays the foundation for academic excellence. This training guides your school or district through every step of implementing SWPBIS, and can be customized to focus on the entire model or one individual tier.

  • Learn the foundational tenets and salient features of SWPBIS.
  • Understand the four key elements of SWPBIS and what they look like in practice.
  • Explore Tiers One, Two, and/or Three in depth, respectively, and prepare for implementation.
  • Apply the Problem-Solving Model (PSM) to answer questions about the implementation of and the impact of SWPBIS.
  • Examine how each key element interacts with the PSM to support student learning and social behavior outcomes.
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Crafting Your Message

Become a confident, dynamic presenter. This training outlines a clear process for planning and delivering highly effective presentations. Ideas and strategies are shared to help you augment your message and improve your communication skills, from triggering thinking and building consensus to summarizing information and checking for understanding.

  • Develop an understanding of presentation as a skill that can be improved through practice and positive feedback.
  • Become familiar with the unique learning needs of adults and how best to meet those needs through the art of presentation.
  • Discover ways to elevate all aspects of your presentations, from designing the message itself to considering audio, visuals, and room setup.
  • Improve self-confidence, handle speech anxiety, and overcome a fear of public speaking.
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Effective Teaching in Every Classroom: HRS Level 2

High-quality instruction is the most important tool educators have at their disposal to positively affect student learning. Develop and maintain teacher effectiveness in every classroom by building a shared language of instruction and using this common language to raise the level of pedagogical skill both individually and collectively.

  • Learn how schools can communicate a clear vision for effective instruction.
  • Explore ways in which a school can support teachers through reflection and professional growth plans.
  • Learn how a school can gain awareness of and monitor predominant instructional practices.
  • Examine strategies for providing teachers with ongoing evaluations of their strengths and weaknesses.
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Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum: HRS Level 3

At Level 3 of the HRS framework, schools focus on developing a guaranteed and viable curriculum. Ensure that teachers have the time they need to teach the curriculum and all students have access to the same high-quality curriculum.

  • Learn how schools can ensure that curriculum and assessments adhere to state and district standards.
  • Explore ways to focus curriculum so that teachers can address it in the time available.
  • Discuss how a school can establish appropriate programs and practices to help students meet individual achievement goals when interventions are needed.
  • Examine strategies for using data to regularly monitor progress toward school achievement goals.
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Your Goal

Sustaining Your Skills

Multi‑Day Services

Embedded Coaching

A Marzano Resources associate will work side by side with you to ensure your staff has a solid understanding of the HRS framework and the confidence to take the steps needed to succeed at every level. Throughout this multi-day experience, your expert coach will help you create and implement the necessary systemic changes documented in your school’s individualized learning plan.

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High Reliability Schools Coaching Academy

Facilitated by one or more HRS associates, this coaching academy is designed to develop your capacity for implementing and sustaining an HRS. Your team will leave each session with a new set of skills and activities and an action plan for implementing and teaching what they have learned.

  • Attend three two-day training sessions (six days total) over a period of 9–12 months.
  • Deepen your knowledge of the HRS framework.
  • Evaluate your current practices and identify areas of improvement.
  • Create actionable implementation plans for becoming an HRS.
  • Learn how to train other staff members on HRS best practices.
  • Continue to receive expert support and guidance between sessions.
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Educational Services

  • Highly Effective Schools Accreditation
    Our team of experts will provide formal assessment and evaluation of your school’s progress on the PLC at Work® process and the HRS framework.
  • High Reliability Schools Survey Implementation and Analysis
    Marzano Resources will collect and analyze data in order to establish a baseline and initial evidence that your school is working on and progressing through a level of the HRS framework.
  • High Reliability Schools Survey Data Coaching
    An HRS associate meets virtually with your school’s leadership team to discuss survey results, lagging indicators, and proposed next steps.
  • High Reliability Schools Certification
    Marzano Resources offers formal HRS certification for schools and districts that have attained one or more levels of reliability.
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High Reliability Schools Action Planning

During this professional learning day, teams will reflect on their journeys through previously certified HRS levels and use that to inform planning for certification at subsequent levels. Action planning will include an honest assessment of the school and team’s current reality and developing goals and benchmarks to successfully achieve higher levels of reliability.

  • Reflect on your journey through previously certified HRS levels.
  • Use reflective, quantitative, and qualitative data to inform planning for subsequent HRS levels.
  • Articulate current reality and develop goals and benchmarks to move forward to the next HRS level.
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Global PD Teams

Unlock unlimited access to professional learning videos that illuminate the why behind the HRS framework and the powerful path it provides toward high levels of learning for all. Gain practical strategies and develop a common language among all staff as you explore the ins and outs of HRS with experienced practitioners. Designed in collaboration with leading HRS experts like Robert J. Marzano and Philip B. Warrick, Global PD Teams provides meaningful web-based learning in an on-demand format that accommodates educators’ busy schedules.

  • Gain essential knowledge from 43 curated videos in The New Art and Science of Teaching PD playlist.
  • Benefit from just-in-time learning you can access anytime, anywhere, and on any device.
  • Organize playlists around your chosen topics and share among your group to increase engagement and learning.
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