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Professional Learning
Assessment and Grading

Develop high-impact assessment practices

  • Align curriculum and assessments with state and district standards.
  • Design accurate, meaningful, and authentic assessments.
  • Transition to a standards-based grading system.
  • Identify and close achievement gaps.
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On-Site & Virtual Professional Learning for Assessment and Grading

Ensure a sound, effective system of assessment, and boost achievement in every classroom. Whether you’re launching a new assessment initiative, enhancing the quality of existing assessments, or facing a particular assessment challenge, you can rely on Marzano Resources to support you every step of the way.

Where are you on your professional learning journey?

Your team is ready to gain understanding, inspiration, and strategies to begin an assessment and grading professional learning program. See one-day services

You need more intensive sessions to deepen understanding and further your progress. See two-to-four-day services

You want to embed key processes, practices, and procedures designed to significantly improve staff performance and student achievement. See multi-day services

Your Goal

Building Your Skills

One‑Day Services


In this keynote presentation delivered virtually or on-site, attendees will learn from an associate with experience and expertise in implementing and sustaining effective assessment and grading practices.

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A Teacher’s Guide to Standards-Based Learning Overview

When teachers adopt standards-based learning, students take ownership of their education and achievement soars. In this training, you’ll explore the benefits of standards-based learning and gain expert advice and tips for beginning the transition successfully.

  • Discover the theories and benefits of a standards-based curriculum.
  • Become familiar with several significant paradigm shifts that will help you make a strong transition to a standards-based classroom.
  • Explore ways to shift your thinking about teaching and lesson plans in order to better understand content as a vehicle for the achievement of standards.
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Leading Standards-Based Learning Overview

Standards-based learning is a valuable step forward for schools, but it must be implemented correctly to ensure the best results. In this training, you’ll learn how a standards-based system benefits all students, as well as how you can lead the transition in your school or district.

  • Develop a strong standards-based curriculum.
  • Align instruction and reliable assessments to the standards.
  • Change outdated grading and reporting practices to promote student learning and growth.
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Standards-Referenced Reporting: High Reliability Schools Level 4 Overview

Reach unprecedented levels of academic excellence. The Marzano High Reliability Schools (HRS) framework serves as a strategic planning model to help schools focus on specific, research-based conditions for continuous school improvement.

Shift from a whole-school perspective to an individual student perspective. During this training, you’ll learn how to develop an effective system of grading and reporting and closely monitor each learner’s progress using assessment data.

  • Learn how to establish clear and measurable goals focused on critical needs regarding improving achievement of individual students.
  • Discover how to analyze, interpret, and use data to monitor progress toward individual student achievement goals.
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Your Goal

Deepening Your Skills

Two‑to‑Four‑Day Services

A Teacher’s Guide to Standards-Based Learning

Transitioning to a standards-based classroom is a major change but one that is highly beneficial for both teachers and students. This training provides teachers, and those who guide change in their classrooms, with practical, hands-on strategies and advice for shifting to standards-based learning.

  • Understand the role of standards and proficiency scales in a standards-based classroom.
  • Review how to apply standards-based procedures for planning and delivering instruction.
  • Learn effective ways for students to set goals and track their progress.
  • Discover how to use proficiency scales as the basis of creating and scoring quality classroom assessments.
  • Acquire strategies for configuring grades in a thoughtful manner and communicating them effectively.
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Leading Standards-Based Learning

Explore a research-backed, five-phase plan for leading the transition to a standards-based system. You’ll learn specific steps to develop curriculum, train staff, leverage technology, deploy new reporting systems, and communicate with stakeholders.

  • Learn how to develop a strong standards-based curriculum and align instruction and reliable assessments to the standards.
  • Explore ways to change outdated grading and reporting practices to promote student learning and growth.
  • Study implementation examples from real teachers, leaders, and schools.
  • Learn strategies to seek feedback from teachers, students, families, and other stakeholders.
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Formative Assessment and Standards-Based Grading

Take measure of your assessment practices. Learn research-based practices for using quality formative assessments aligned with solid grading practices, and enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing your instructional decisions are based on sound assessment data.

  • Understand the types and uses of formative assessment.
  • Examine current grading practices and how they relate to student learning.
  • Connect formative assessment practices with grading practices that accurately reflect student achievement.
  • Understand what research reveals about feedback, assessment, and grading.
  • Review and revise existing assessments for quality.
  • Collaborate in teams to continuously improve assessments and instruction.
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The New Art and Science of Classroom Assessment

Shift to a new paradigm of classroom assessment that is more accurate, meaningful, and authentic. This training explores the inadequacies of traditional assessment methods and details how to use assessment to its full potential. Step by step, you’ll discover a clear path for transitioning to more holistic assessment methods that truly reflect course curriculum and student progress.

  • Apply new assessment strategies and techniques to support a paradigm shift in classroom assessment.
  • Gain an understanding of more general and supportive aspects of assessment.
  • Develop expertise with assessment tools.
  • Discover examples to assist in building new assessment methods.
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Ethical Test Preparation in the Classroom

Large-scale assessment and standardized testing have the power to either open or close future doors for your students. Based on the latest research, this training will help you explore and address the ethical challenges teachers face in preparing students for these tests and what can be done to ensure effective test preparation. You’ll review a first-of-its-kind study of over 8,000 assessment items and receive specific recommendations for ELA, mathematics, and science.

  • Understand the role and profound impact large-scale assessment and high-stakes testing have in students' lives.
  • Study an analysis of 8,804 items from state, national, and international standardized tests.
  • Examine recommendations for item creation in ELA, mathematics, and science based on the analysis findings and ethical testing principles.
  • Provide students with instruction and formative assessment designed to aid them in answering the types of items most likely to appear on large-scale assessments.
  • Receive tools and templates to create formative and summative assessments to measure students' knowledge.
  • Discover a process to create a school- and districtwide approach to help students understand item formats.
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Making Classroom Assessments Valid and Reliable

In order to make reliable decisions about actual student achievement, assessments must be of high quality. Enhance your skill in assessment practice, and ensure that your assessments are valid and reliable. This training will equip your teachers and educational leaders for this critical task with step-by-step guidelines to increase their effectiveness.

  • Examine how to create parallel classroom assessments that directly align with proficiency scales addressing specific learning goals, along with identified learning progressions and levels of knowledge.
  • Discuss how to accurately measure the progression of student mastery of the essential content through a variety of assessment methods.
  • Explore the constructs of validity and reliability as the foundation of classroom assessment.
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Crafting Your Message

Become a confident, dynamic presenter. This training outlines a clear process for planning and delivering highly effective presentations. Ideas and strategies are shared to help you augment your message and improve your communication skills, from triggering thinking and building consensus to summarizing information and checking for understanding.

  • Develop an understanding of presentation as a skill that can be improved through practice and positive feedback.
  • Become familiar with the unique learning needs of adults and how best to meet those needs through the art of presentation.
  • Discover ways to elevate all aspects of your presentations, from designing the message itself to considering audio, visuals, and room setup.
  • Improve self-confidence, handle speech anxiety, and overcome a fear of public speaking.
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Your Goal

Sustaining Your Skills

Multi‑Day Services

Embedded Coaching

A Marzano Resources associate will work side by side with your staff to implement the necessary systemic changes documented in your school’s individualized learning plan. Whether you need focused guidance in planning and teaching standards-based learning or leading the transition to more effective assessment and grading practices, your expert coach will provide the support you need to meet and exceed your goals.

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Global PD Teams

Unlock unlimited access to professional learning videos and book chapters focused on standards-based learning, classroom assessment, the use of proficiency scales, and more. Designed in collaboration with leading assessment and grading experts like Robert J. Marzano, Tammy Heflebower, and Philip B. Warrick, Global PD Teams provides meaningful web-based learning in an on-demand format that accommodates educators’ busy schedules.

  • Gain essential knowledge from 43 curated videos in The New Art and Science of Teaching PD playlist.
  • Benefit from just-in-time learning you can access anytime, anywhere, and on any device.
  • Organize playlists around your chosen topics and share among your group to increase engagement and learning.
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