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Marzano Mastery Learning

Effective teaching for inspired learning

Imagine a K–12 education system that ensures each child masters the academic and social-emotional knowledge and skills they need for success in college and careers. Our unique approach to curriculum, learning, assessment, grading, and progression is an intentional process of guiding students to master their own learning.

Drawing from the work of Dr. Robert J. Marzano and his colleagues, Marzano Mastery Learning creates a clear pathway to competency-based education. Work with us to build staff knowledge and confidence, as well as a system that supports skill development for individual students, allows for immediate and targeted intervention, and keeps students on track for success.

Suggested pathways of focus:

  • Year 1: Student Agency, Curriculum, and Proficiency Scales
  • Year 2: Teaching and Learning Paired with Assessment and Grading
  • Year 3: Competency-Based Education

Your learning pathway is customizable to fit your needs. Embedded coaching days are ideal for schools and districts who are ready to tackle the challenges of standards-based education and want to maintain forward momentum over a one-to-five-year time span.

Recommended introductory training:

Understanding the Why of Marzano Mastery Learning

As educators move into the future, it is critical to create systems and practices that meet every student’s individual learning needs. To do this work, educators must understand why current educational structures hinder individualized education and be open to a different daily practice—one that utilizes tools such as proficiency scales, trauma-responsive schooling, culturally responsive teaching, standards-based assessment and grading, and personalized competency-based education.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand why it is important to meet the individual learning needs of every student.
  • Identify ways in which traditional and/or current educational structures prevent individualized education.
  • Explore the characteristics of a strong standards-based curriculum, including aligned instruction and reliable assessment.
  • Discover how to create and use proficiency scales to clearly frame classroom instruction and assessment.
  • Integrate concepts such as mastery-based learning, trauma-responsive schooling, and culturally responsive teaching.
  • Build shared vision and collective ownership around competency-based education.

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