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Who should attend an Marzano Resources event? You! Thousands of educators from a variety of schools and districts have benefited from attending Marzano Resources events. Whether you are a superintendent, principal, curriculum director, or classroom teacher, you are guaranteed a full PD experience that offers essential frameworks for improved student performance.

Do I need to have a team to attend a 2-day workshop? No—but we recommend it! Research suggests attending with a team allows you to apply your learning more seamlessly; however, if your team can't make it, you can always bring the event program back to your school or district.

How do I register a team? Please register members at the same time. To add an individual to the group, call Customer Service at 888.849.0851.

How do I register more than one individual at a time? Change the number in the quantity field and additional registration forms will populate. If you are planning to register 5 or more individuals, please use our multiple registration form. Email multiple registration forms to [email protected].

Are meals included at Marzano Resources events? Refer to the event agenda for details.

Can I email my registration for an event? Yes, send your registration to [email protected]. We will follow up with any additional information.

If an event is sold out, what can I do? Contact Customer Service at 888.849.0851 to discuss waiting lists and alternative events, or to explore streaming the event live to your school or district.

How do I substitute another attendee for a registration I have already confirmed? Send your substitution request to [email protected], at least 5 days prior to the event. Please include the name of the individual currently registered, the event, and your substitute's name and email address.

How do I cancel my registration? All sales for the virtual events are final. If Marzano Resources reschedules a live event, customer’s event registrations will automatically apply to the rescheduled event. If Marzano Resources changes a live event to a virtual event, customer’s event registrations will automatically apply to the virtual event. If Marzano Resources cancels a live or virtual event, customer’s event registrations will be converted to Portable Event Package.

How do I receive credit for attending an Marzano Resources event? You will receive a certificate of attendance two weeks following the event. If you did not receive your certificate, please contact [email protected].

How many CEUs will I receive for attending an Marzano Resources event? The number of continuing education units granted varies depending on event type and length. Email [email protected] for information about a specific event.

How do I bring an Marzano Resources event to my school or district? Start the conversation by calling Customer Service at 888.849.0851. We're always happy to discuss your needs!

I’m hard of hearing, and I’d like to request closed captioning for my virtual/streaming event programming. How might I make this request? Please contact our events team in advance of the event you are attending so that we can ensure the service is available to you.

If the virtual event has materials to ship-all paid orders received prior to 2 weeks of its start date, sent with full attendee shipping information, will have their supplies before the event. Orders placed after this 2 week time frame will not receive their materials before the start of the event. Substitutions done after shipments have been sent will need to be shared out by the original attendee to their sub. Unforeseen issues with the carriers, or due to weather, are outside of Solution Tree’s control and may cause unintended shipping delays.


Are your webinars recorded? Yes, and they are posted on our webinars page.

Can I get credit for attending webinars? We don't offer credit, but you can get proof that you attended by emailing your request to [email protected].

Professional Development

I've never planned a professional development day. Where do I start? Give us a call (888.849.0851), and we'll guide you through the booking process. Our team will match you with an associate poised to meet your school's or district's unique needs.

What are the costs? Costs vary by associate, and travel and accommodation expenses are often included in the price. We'll work with you to create a sustainable plan that's budget friendly.

How can I learn about an associate before I decide? Check out a comprehensive listing of our associates. You can even view video clips of our experts in action. Or, call us (888.849.0851), and we'll help you choose.

Will I be able to contact the associate before my PD date(s)? Absolutely! After the contracting process is complete, we'll put you in touch with your associate to plan for your PD date(s).

What can my staff do to prepare? We're happy to recommend relevant books, videos, webinars, and other resources to help your team prepare for your PD date(s). Your associate may also have suggestions.

How long is a typical PD workshop? A typical workshop lasts six to seven hours, including time for lunch and breaks.

Are resources included with the PD date(s)? In most cases, resources are not included in the price of your PD; however, volume discounts are available. We're happy to work with you to select materials that complement the focus of your PD.

How far in advance should I book my PD? We book dates as far in advance as two years and as close as two weeks before. We recommend that you try for sometime in between. Generally, a variety of factors, such as the time of year, the associate's schedule, etc., affect the process.

What's the best way to follow up a PD date(s)? Our interactive web or video conferences are a wonderful platform for following up with an associate.

Am I responsible for making my associate's travel arrangements? No, our associates handle their own travel arrangements.

Online Courses

How do I access my course? For credit card purchases, you will receive an email confirmation with your course access code. Your course begins once you receive your access code. You'll receive a reminder two weeks before your course access expires. For check or purchase orders, the order submitted online will not be confirmed until Marzano Resources receives the check or a copy of the official purchase order. Your purchase order must note payment terms of net 30 days. We cannot process purchase orders that do not note these payment terms.

What if I need to withdraw from the course? Refund requests for online courses must be received within 10 days from the date of purchase.

What are the technical requirements for equipment, software, and web access? You don't need any special software. High-speed Internet access is best for streaming videos. The courses are compatible with most browsers (use compatibility mode for Internet Explorer 9).

What is the format of the reading assignments? PDF

Will I have access to the reading material once my course has expired? Yes. You will have access to the reading material for your personal use after your course has expired.

How long will it be after I enroll before I have access to the course? You will receive your login when payment is received. If you call to enroll, it may be the next day. If you enroll using a check or purchase order, you will receive your login when payment is received.

Does Marzano Resources charge sales tax? Yes. Marzano Resources charges sales tax for purchasers in some states. Tax-exempt organizations will be prompted to enter their tax-exempt number during checkout. Please see Tax-Exempt Orders for more information, or call Customer Service at 800.733.6786.


What are your shipping and handling rates? Do they change for expedited orders? On our Product Orders page, you will find our shipping and handling rates, as well as additional fees for expedited (rush) shipping.

About how long will it take me to receive my order? Ground orders within the continental US should be received three to seven days after the order is placed.


What is your address? 555 North Morton Street, Bloomington, IN 47404

Can you send me your Federal ID/Form W-9? Download our Federal ID/Form W-9 here.

I've changed schools, jobs, districts, etc. How can I update my information or be removed from your mailing list? Email us your request.

Redwood Learning

I registered for a Redwood Course and decided not to participate. Can I have a refund?
While we are unable to offer refunds, course-takers may defer their enrollment in a Redwood Learning course up to a year from the date of purchase.

I would like to defer my current registration.
Course-takers are eligible to defer their paid enrollment to a future course if such request is received within three calendar days of the Course Launch. Deferral requests must be sent in writing to [email protected] and are valid for a Redwood Learning open enrollment course within one year of the original course start date. One deferral is permitted per calendar year. Redwood Learning cannot guarantee the same course in which you registered will be offered in the future. Please note that course-takers forfeit 100% of the full course fee if one of the following occurs:

  • The course-taker does not enroll in another course within one year of the original course start date.
  • The course-taker fails to participate in the course, without notification, or if a withdrawal occurs on or after the course start date.

How do I substitute another participant for an enrollment registration I have already confirmed?
Send your substitution request to [email protected], at least three days prior to the start of the course. Please include the name of the individual currently registered, the course, and your substitute's name and email address.

How do I get CEU approval?
Continuing education unit (CEU) approval varies by state. There are two routes possible: preapproval for CEU courses or approval after completion. Preapproval ensures you don’t take a course that won’t count toward your license renewal. Some states encourage preapproval, while others do not allow it. Be sure to check your state’s preference before enrolling in courses. For states that allow you to be preapproved for CEU courses, you will likely need to complete forms provided online by your state’s education department.