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High Reliability Schools Toolkit

By: Tina H. Boogren, Libby Child, Christopher W. Dodson, Nancy Dome, Richard DuFour, Robert Eaker, Michelle Finn, Jeff Flygare, Gavin Grift, Tammy Heflebower, Jan K. Hoegh, Douglas Finn III, Timothy D. Kanold, Robert J. Marzano, Ming Lee Newcomb, Jennifer S. Norford, Cameron L. Rains, Mike Ruyle, Darrell Scott, Julia A. Simms, Philip B. Warrick, Jacob P. Wipf

Designed by High Reliability Schools (HRS) experts, this curated package of self-guided professional development resources and Robert J. Marzano’s strategies will help you reach the highest levels of school effectiveness.

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High Reliability Schools Toolkit

Build a school where everyone succeeds, with the support of the High Reliability Schools (HRS) Toolkit. Designed by HRS experts, this curated package of self-guided professional development resources will help you grow and extend your knowledge in five key levels of high reliability schooling:

Level 1: Safe and Collaborative Culture
Level 2: Effective Teaching in Every Classroom
Level 3: Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum
Level 4: Standards-Referenced Reporting
Level 5: Competency-Based Education

  • Create a safe, collaborative, equitable, and inclusive school culture for students and staff.
  • Ensure your school operates as a cohesive network of teams focused on curriculum planning, instruction, assessment, and achievement for all students.
  • Discover how to establish a schoolwide model of instructional strategies that fosters pedagogical growth for all teachers.
  • Learn to design a guaranteed and viable curriculum, which includes establishing a schoolwide comprehensive vocabulary program.
  • Acquire assessment strategies for implementing a standards-based grading and reporting system in your district or school.
  • Examine the critical aspects of competency-based education and review strategic initiatives schools should consider when implementing it.
  • Integrate social-emotional learning and trauma-sensitive instructional practices into your curriculum.
  • Nurture and retain highly effective educators by supporting professional growth and wellness.

The High Reliability Schools Toolkit contains the following titles (products may be purchased individually):

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