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Supporting Beginning Teachers, Second Edition

By: Tina H. Boogren

Support and retain your best and brightest new teachers. With the guidance of the second edition of this acclaimed book, establish programs for better beginning teacher support and professional growth. Learn tips for overwhelmed teachers and how to address high teacher burnout.

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Tips for beginning teacher support to reduce teacher stress and burnout

Support and retain your best and brightest new teachers. The second edition of this acclaimed book retains much of what made the original a classic, but now offers the latest research along with new insights, strategies, and best practices. Whether you’re a K–12 mentor, coach, or school leader, you will gain evidence-based actions you can take today to successfully guide educators during their initial years in the profession.

Use this book to better support overwhelmed teachers during their first, critical years:

  • Understand why good teachers quit, the causes of high turnover rates, and how to deal with burnout.
  • Learn how to create a comprehensive mentoring program, designed to offer career guidance and build new teachers' expertise by targeting their unique needs.
  • Review numerous strategies pertaining to four types of support: (1) physical, (2) institutional, (3) emotional, and (4) instructional.
  • Discover how to foster positive mentor-mentee relationships for beginning teacher support and professional growth.
  • Find reproducible tools, templates, and reflection questions to enhance your understanding.

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ISBN: 9781943360635

Page Count: 136

“Teaching is intense; being a beginning teacher even more so. This book is just what every beginning teacher and supporting mentor needs to balance the first few years in the classroom as they learn the complex roles needed to effectively teach. Dr. Boogren not only addresses the research and elements of effective mentoring but also provides prompts and action planning for the myriad of supports new teachers desperately need. If you are a new teacher or a mentor of one, get your hands on this book. Do more than survive. Thrive!”

Tammy Heflebower, award-winning and best-selling author; CEO, !nspire Advisory and Consulting

“In this second edition of her book, Supporting Beginning Teachers, Tina H. Boogren uses the strong foundation of her first edition to provide breakthrough concepts regarding teacher support and specific strategies to manifest them.”

Robert J. Marzano, Chief Academic Officer, Marzano Resources

Supporting Beginning Teachers is a must read for all principals! Tina H. Boogren is brilliant and provides the much-needed roadmap to ensure a successful journey for first-year teachers. This book will not disappoint!”

Tina Nunn, Principal, Rose Union Elementary School, Edmond, Oklahoma

“Dr. Boogren has once again provided an incredible educator resource in her second edition of Supporting Beginning Teachers. This book provides a wealth of information and a plethora of ideas for anyone responsible for supporting teachers new to the profession. Besides being based on the most current research, this book clearly delineates how to effectively provide the most important types of support for new teachers, including physical, institutional, emotional, and instructional. In addition to valuable information, consumers walk away with resources for use in the learning environment, including tools, templates, and reflection questions. A perk of the book is experiencing Tina’s positive, engaging, and expert perspective. Without a doubt, this book is a resource for ensuring that teachers thrive in their first few years!”

Jan K. Hoegh, educational consultant and author

Supporting Beginning Teachers by Tina H. Boogren is an outstanding book for all educators. As an instructional coach and veteran educator, I found this book to be full of great ideas to help with teacher attrition. The resources in this book are exceptional. I really enjoyed the resources that help with fostering positive relationships between mentors and mentees. I would highly recommend this book for any educator or administrator who wants to build a positive culture not only for beginning teachers but for all educators.”

Lexi A. Wichelt, Instructional Facilitator, Hastings Public Schools, Nebraska