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The Marzano Academies Series

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Avanti is a proud District Administration Top Ed Tech Product Finalist.

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Invest in staff development during your school day

With job-embedded coaching, our experts will provide professional development tailored to the needs of each staff member.

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They did it. So can you.

Congratulations to John E. Flynn A Marzano Academy for being the first school in the United States to achieve Level 5 certification in the High Reliability Schools (HRS) Network.

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Critical Concepts document

Accelerate student achievement

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Professional Learning

Personalized Competency-Based Education

Ensure all your students master essential content as you lead the shift to competency-based education.

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Mindsets and Skill Sets for Learning

Cultivate confident thinkers

In Mindsets and Skill Sets for Learning, author Bill Zima explains how to develop a learner-centered environment to improve self-agency in your students.

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Scheduling for Personalized Competency-Based Education

Design a schedule that boosts learning

Based on decades of research and experience, Douglas and Michelle Finn show you how to design a schoolwide personalized competency-based schedule that facilitates individualized learning.

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Leading the Evolution

Make personalized competency-based education a reality

Drive transformational change through data-informed strategies that boost teacher optimism around personalized competency-based education.

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Drive student excellence by becoming a High Reliability School

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Level up professional learning with this one-stop digital library of team-focused resources.

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