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Highly Effective Schools Accreditation

Achieve the Highest Levels of Academic Excellence

Dedicate your time & energy to what matters most

Built on the foundation of the Professional Learning Communities at Work® process and the High Reliability Schools model, Marzano Resources’ Highly Effective Schools Accreditation process recognizes schools and districts committed to achieving and maintaining the highest levels of educational quality.

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Highly Effective Schools Accreditation

Why Receive Highly Effective Schools Accreditation?

Through Highly Effective Schools Accreditation, you will:

  • Validate the high-quality work being done across your school community
  • Align your school improvement efforts to the PLC at Work® process and HRS model
  • Identify implementation gaps and develop growth area action plans
  • Receive formal assessment and evaluation of your school’s progress from our team of PLC and HRS experts
  • Demonstrate your commitment to quality to community stakeholders and parents
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5 Steps to Accreditation

Submit your one-year school improvement plan to Marzano Resources’ accreditation team.

Our PLC and HRS experts will review your plan, identify any gaps, and provide actionable feedback.

If needed, you will have the opportunity to revise and resubmit your plan.

Once all gaps are addressed, Highly Effective Schools Accreditation is granted for a one-year term.

Continue your commitment to improvement by submitting your new school improvement plan on a yearly basis.

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Unite the Power of PLC and HRS

The PLC at Work® process is driven by three big ideas:

  1. Focus on learning
  2. Build a collaborative culture
  3. Create a results orientation

The HRS framework focuses on five key areas of school improvement:

  1. Safe, supportive, and collaborative culture
  2. Effective teaching in every classroom
  3. Guaranteed and viable curriculum
  4. Standards-referenced reporting (optional for this accreditation)
  5. Competency-based education (optional for this accreditation)

Both the PLC at Work® process and the High Reliability Schools framework are powerful, practical, and proven approaches to increase school performance and student achievement. Download our free whitepaper "School Improvement: The Genius of Professional Learning Communities at Work® and Marzano High Reliability Schools" to learn more about how these practices complement each other and support educators in their efforts to create a culture of continuous improvement.

Meet the Requirements for Accreditation

To receive full accreditation, schools are required to address the three big ideas of the PLC at Work® process and specified leading indicators in the High Reliability Schools framework. The three big ideas assist with laying a solid foundation for growth and learning, while the leading indicators create a way to continuously assess and evaluate your school’s progress.

There are two required plans for the accreditation process:

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The Maintenance Plan addresses the three big ideas of the PLC at Work® process and the leading indicators of the HRS framework. This plan may be integrated into a district- or state-required school improvement plan or may stand alone.

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The Growth Plan allows schools to identify and address two to five focus areas for improvement. The three big ideas of a PLC at Work® and the leading indicators of the HRS framework will also be used as resources on which to build your growth plan.

Validate your school improvement plan

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