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The Handbook for the New Art and Science of Teaching BESTSELLER

By: Robert J. Marzano

This practical handbook will guide you through implementing competency-based education that improves student learning outcomes and academic achievement. Better understand and utilize the research-based instructional strategies and teaching methods of the Marzano framework in your classroom, school, or district.

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Your guide to the Marzano framework for competency-based education

Rely on this comprehensive guide to help you implement Dr. Robert J. Marzano’s The New Art and Science of Teaching framework, which includes over 330 specific instructional strategies, 43 instructional elements, and 10 design questions. Each chapter outlines actionable steps, tips, and examples of implementation that will set you—and your students—up to succeed with this powerful framework in your classroom.

Added insight into Marzano’s research-based instructional strategies and teaching methods:

  • Learn the history of Robert J. Marzano’s framework of teaching first laid out in his best-selling The Art and Science of Teaching.
  • Thoroughly examine the updated The New Art and Science of Teaching framework for competency-based education.
  • Explore numerous instructional strategies that correspond to each of the 43 elements of The New Art and Science of Teaching.
  • Acquire examples that will assist in the realization of the instructional strategies discussed throughout the book.
  • Discover strategies that will improve both the mental and physical environment of the classroom to better support student success.
  • Reimagine how to develop relationships with students and generate student engagement.
  • Access free reproducibles that will assist in implementing The New Art and Science of Teaching framework in classrooms.

A joint publication of ASCD and Solution Tree

Additional Information

Product Code: BKF844, EKF437

ISBN: 9781947604315

Page Count: 360

“Marzano continues to update and personalize evidence-based research and integrate strategies and practices in The Handbook for the New Art and Science of Teaching. Each area of the comprehensive model speaks to the teacher as a practitioner seeking to further establish and augment his or her professional repertoire. This handbook offers support for teaching and learning chapter by chapter, element by element, and strategy by strategy. Implemented districtwide, schoolwide, teamwide, or by individual teachers, this guide to the framework provides a truly common language that will enhance the understandings, reflections, and practices that spark both teacher and student engagement in learning and lead to a true growth model for educators.”

Jane Doty Fischer, author, educational consultant, and professional development specialist

“Do you want the complete picture of a classroom that moves teacher and student achievement forward faster? Marzano’s Handbook for the New Art and Science of Teaching will help teachers self-assess in the big three areas of instruction: feedback, content, and context. He provides specific tools and strategies guaranteed to improve instruction, from aligning lesson components, to providing equitable responses and strategies, to holding high engagement and expectations for all students. Prepare for growth! An excellent resource for self-, peer, and instructional coaching.”

LeAnn Nickelsen, author; educational consultant; and professional development specialist, Maximize Learning