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Scheduling for Personalized Competency-Based Education

A challenge at the heart of personalized competency-based education (PCBE) is grouping and scheduling students according to their learning needs rather than their age. With this guidebook, you’ll take a deep dive into the why and how of these foundational PCBE components. Gain clear guidance for gathering standards-based data and then using the results to create schedules that promote student proficiency.


  • Recognize the shortcomings of a traditional education system.
  • Explore the benefits of a well-organized PCBE school.
  • Understand how to use student data and learning-focused school scheduling techniques to overcome common challenges faced during the transition to PCBE.
  • Receive helpful example class schedules from schools that have successfully implemented PCBE processes.
  • Learn how teachers can incorporate PCBE-style flexibility within individual classrooms for personalized learning.

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