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On Excellence in Teaching

Learn from the world’s best education researchers, theorists, and staff developers as they present recommendations on effective instruction. The book provides a comprehensive view of instruction from a theoretical, systemic, and classroom perspective. The authors’ diverse expertise delivers a wide range of ideas and strategies.


  • Focus on outcomes by exploring the mission, learning goals, and demands of being a teacher.
  • Discover what we know now through decades of research on teacher effectiveness.
  • Study the art and the science of instruction and how it connects to the classification of instructional methods.
  • Through research on the psychology of school subjects, learn how the science of learning can contribute to improving instruction.
  • Examine the decline of the study of the arts, and consider its incompatibility with 21st century skills.
  • Learn how providing honest, up-to-date information for curriculum mapping has directly impacted the roles of the teacher and learner.
  • Explore metacognitive awareness, and discover how controlling your inner world can make you more effective in addressing difficult classroom situations.
  • Equip yourself with four learning styles and eight motivators that can help increase student engagement.

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On Excellence in Teaching

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