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Classroom Games to Enhance Argumentation and Reasoning Skills
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Classroom Games to Enhance Argumentation and Reasoning Skills


Enhance students’ argumentation and reasoning skills. Classroom games have been found to be associated with significant gains in student achievement, increased student curiosity, and more positive student attitudes toward the content being learned.

Participants will explore sets of argumentation and reasoning skills derived from current standards documents, concrete strategies and processes for teaching those skills directly, and a variety of games and activities that reinforce and engage students in meaningful practice of the skills. Appropriate for elementary, middle, and high school teachers, this workshop will give you the tools you need to help students understand and practice these critical thinking skills in the classroom.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Identify specific elements of the standards that relate to argumentation and reasoning.
  • Uncover specific component skills that students need to learn as they develop a deeper capacity to logically construct and evaluate arguments.
  • Gain practical strategies and mini-lesson ideas for teaching the component skills in your classroom.
  • Determine ways to incorporate games and activities into your lessons, from on-the-fly sponge activities to longer team-based games.

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One or two days