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Coaching Competitive Sports

How to Develop and Assess Player Knowledge, Skills, and Intangibles

By: Tammy Heflebower, Logan Heflebower

Contributors: Dackri Davis

Sports play a big part in the lives of many youths. With this book, coaches can assist student athletes in becoming better in their sport. This resource also aids athletic directors in mitigating player-coach-parent issues and helps parents better understand the expectations for their children’s sports experiences.

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The resource guide for coaches to effectively assist and inspire student athletes

Writing from experience as both athletes and school athletics coaches, authors Tammy Heflebower and Logan Heflebower detail specific attributes and behaviors of effective youth sports coaches and the knowledge, skills, and intangible assets they must help student athletes develop. This resource guides new and veteran coaches in meeting the needs of the athletes they serve through practical ideas and clear expectations.

This book will help you:

  • Put game-winning strategies into play
  • Self-reflect on your coaching strengths and challenges
  • Learn which coaching behaviors help build necessary skills in students
  • Help players (and parents) better understand your expectations to monitor their own performance
  • Recognize, reference, and assess priority knowledge, skills, and intangible assets of various sports
  • Study developmental sports scales, which enable players to self-reflect and set criteria-based goals
  • Contemplate existing practices and ponder ideas for implementation

Additional Information

Product Code: BKL073, EKL064

ISBN: 9781943360802

Page Count: 184

Coaching Competitive Sports offers a unique contribution, bringing educational philosophy into the coaching world! This book is packed with the best practices, tools, and reflection cues coaches need to boost their players' performance and build a strong program. It’s a game changer!”

Douglas Crowley, assistant principal, DeForest Area High School, Wisconsin

“A groundbreaking book that addresses a crucial aspect of athletic coaching! Authors Tammy Heflebower and Logan Heflebower guide coaches to identify and nurture athletes' tangible skills and intangible qualities like coachability, effort, and teamwork, equipping them to lead their teams to unparalleled success. A must-read for coaches seeking to unlock players' potential and bridge the gap between physical abilities and mental fortitude on the competitive field.”

Brendan Netherton, assistant principal/athletic director, Denver Public Schools, Colorado