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Proficiency Scale Review
Proficiency Scale Services

Proficiency Scale Review

Do you already have proficiency scales? Would you like feedback about their quality? Marzano Resources can analyze your existing proficiency scales according to specific criteria from the research literature that are indicative of well-designed learning progressions. We’ll provide you with a report that gives detailed feedback about each and every proficiency scale and provides your staff the feedback they need to make targeted revisions.

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  • Scales must be formatted and submitted according to the Marzano Resources scales template.
  • 4.0 elements (if present) will be evaluated for complexity of mental process and synthesis of all 3.0 elements.
  • 3.0 elements will be evaluated for unidimensionality and covariance.
  • 2.0 elements will be evaluated for unidimensionality and alignment with 3.0 elements.
  • The customer will receive one product: a report with a section for each scale that details feedback regarding, but not limited to, the criteria outlined above.
  • This service does not include any changes, revisions, or edits to the submitted scales, and the customer will not receive a new version of the submitted scales as a product.
  • This service includes a follow-up call to address any customer questions regarding the review.