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Gerry Varty

Gerry Varty

Gerry Varty has served as a classroom teacher, principal, director of curriculum and instruction, assistant superintendent (learning and system improvement), and executive director of professional development.

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Over a 32-year career in education, Gerry Varty has led professional development, mentored new teachers, and facilitated the work of professional learning communities at all levels. For more than a decade, he was also a district coordinator as part of the Alberta Initiative for School Improvement (AISI) and has served in several advisory positions as a respected leader in mathematics education.

In his many roles, Gerry has worked to ensure the balanced distribution of leadership capacity and facilitated the work of professional learning communities as a vehicle for ongoing action research and growth.

An outspoken advocate of lifelong learning, Gerry's work in promoting, developing, and sustaining both assessment literacy and instructional fluency among educators is grounded in research, relevance, and relationships—all keys to successful professional growth.

Gerry has been recognized as an Alberta Excellence in Teaching finalist and as a distinguished administrator. A dual-degree graduate of the University of Calgary, he also holds a master’s degree in educational leadership from City University Seattle.