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Leaders of Learning BESTSELLER

How District, School, and Classroom Leaders Improve Student Achievement

By: Richard DuFour, Robert J. Marzano

The authors examine how district leadership, principal leadership, team leadership, and effective teachers can improve student achievement.

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Leaders of Learning

For many years, the authors have been fellow travelers on the journey to help educators improve their schools. Their first coauthored book focuses on district leadership, principal leadership, and team leadership and addresses how individual teachers can be most effective in leading students—by learning with colleagues how to implement the most promising pedagogy in their classrooms.

  • Explore the authors’ expertise and many years of experience in one comprehensive volume on leadership.
  • Gain proven strategies for school improvement based on the most up-to-date research.
  • Focus on how district and school leaders create the conditions to support the collaborative culture of a professional learning community (PLC).
  • Examine the specific work that teachers undertake as members of PLCs.

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Product Code: BKF455, EKF052

ISBN: 9781935542667

Page Count: 248

“Great new insights from two experts committed to making moral purpose come alive in practice. DuFour and Marzano are deep, practical, and thorough. They call for collaboration that is not optional; rather, leaders are compelled to learn and be successful. Classroom, school, district, and state leaders now have the insights and tools to work effectively together on an agenda that gets more urgent every day. A great book.”

Michael Fullan, professor emeritus, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto and special advisor to the premier and minister of education in Ontario

“Finally, we have a book that gives strategic thinkers the blueprint for implementing PLCs up and down the levels of authority and levels of influence in a whole school system. Sustainable change requires pressing the key levers of influence at the same time, and knowing how they interact with one another. This book gives crystal clarity to what PLCs really are and how to get them; but on the way, it becomes a brilliant tract and hands-on guide for systemic change and the subtleties of leadership.”

Jonathon Saphier, founder and chairman emeritus, Teachers21, and founder and president, Research for Better Teaching

“If you would like to influence the next generation of teachers, leaders, and students, then prepare to study, debate, and reflect on every sentence in this book. Whether you are a policymaker, superintendent, principal, or teacher-leader, turn each page preparing to be challenged by this compelling leadership manifesto. With ample evidence and decades of personal experience, the authors will challenge you to avoid pointless debates, confront essential challenges, and take bold risks. This book does not provide a 'feel good' prescription, but rather challenges every leader, parent, teacher, and student. We can either settle for mediocrity or follow the evidence and reach for the stars.”

Douglas Reeves, founder, The Leadership and Learning Center

“Don't ask how to make a difference in classrooms—this book will show you the most effective ways to make a difference in classrooms. The authors interpret ample research studies to show how classroom and school leaders can come together to not only know whether they are making a difference, but also to optimise the most successful strategies that lead to the most powerful changes.”

John Hattie, professor of education, University of Auckland, New Zealand

“This is a really great book that not only explains leadership well but also explains very practically how everyone in a school community can become accomplished in leadership.”

Sir Michael Barber, head, McKinsey's Global Education Practice; chair, Pakistan Education Taskforce; and former chief adviser on delivery to British Prime Minister Tony Blair

“DuFour and Marzano team up to give us a definition of the kind of leadership that can ultimately lead to the closing of America's achievement gap. Leadership is not an individual act but, rather, a team effort. Don't look for superman at the top of the organizational chart—look at leaders from the boardroom to the classroom to make the difference in the lives of our children. A must-read.”

Dan Domenech, executive director, American Association of School Administrators

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