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Leading a High Reliability School BESTSELLER

By: Robert J. Marzano, Philip B. Warrick, Cameron L. Rains, Richard DuFour

Foreword by: Jeff Jones

Learn how and why High Reliability Schools use interdependent systems of operation and the PLC at Work® process to establish and maintain school effectiveness.

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Use Data-Driven Instruction and Collaborative Teaching Strategies to Boost Academic Achievement

How do educators build High Reliability Schools (HRS) and boost academic achievement? By implementing interdependent systems of operation and performance assessment for student-centered learning. A critical commitment to becoming an HRS is the PLC at Work® process of collaborative learning and teaching. This user-friendly teaching resource focuses on: (1) a safe and collaborative culture, (2) effective teaching in every classroom, (3) a guaranteed and viable curriculum, (4) standards-referenced reporting of student progress (standards-based grading), and (5) a competency-based system.

Marzano, Warrick, Rains, and DuFour will help you:

  • Increase school effectiveness through a focus on student-centered learning and the implementation of research-based leading indicators of operation.
  • Monitor effective practices through the use of lagging indicators and quick data sources.
  • Explore the three big ideas associated with the PLC at Work® process to implement student-centered learning, collaborative teaching strategies, and data-driven instruction.
  • Engage in periodic reflection on effective school leadership and instructional coaching practices.
  • Understand how to balance and achieve school and district goals using data to improve students' academic achievement and college- and career-readiness skills.

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Product Code: BKF795, EKF388

ISBN: 9781945349348

Page Count: 216

Leading a High Reliability School is a powerful and innovative new tool for instructional leaders. It is well grounded in relevant theory and high-quality research. But the book’s real treasure is the wealth of guidance and practical, actionable steps leaders can take to improve the quality of classroom instruction and make a measurable and substantial difference in student learning.”

Keith Gurley, associate professor of education leadership, University of Alabama at Birmingham

“In Leading a High Reliability School, the authors present a blueprint for school leaders to effect positive change in student achievement. This easy-to-read guide provides leading indicators to enable leaders to measure their progress toward this goal. I recommend this book to anyone interested in improving student learning and achievement.”

Daniel H. Robinson, department chair, curriculum and instruction, College of Education, the University of Texas at Arlington

Leading a High Reliability School is a powerful and practical guide for achieving the leading indicators of a vision for success for all students. Authors Marzano, Warrick, Rains, and DuFour leave no stone unturned in pursuing how to create high reliability schools. The potential of this resource to impact learners and leadership in US schools is phenomenal!”

Rynell Schock, senior consultant for Education Solutions

Leading a High Reliability School builds on the school improvement framework provided in A Handbook for High Reliability Schools and helps leadership teams focus on the 'right work'—work that will improve student achievement. The book examines twenty-five research-based leading indicators in depth to help guide leaders in improving student achievement. In an easy-to-use format, it includes implementation steps and real examples from schools across the country, along with proficiency scales for every indicator. Marzano, Warrick, Rains, and DuFour identify the challenges leadership teams might face and specific strategies to address these challenges. It is a school leader’s guide to school improvement.”

Linda Marrs-Morford, director, Indiana Principal Leadership Institute

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