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Leading the Evolution

How to Make Personalized Competency-Based Education a Reality

By: Mike Ruyle

With: Tamera Weir O’Neill, Jeanie Iberlin, Michael D. Evans, Rebecca Midles

Move beyond the existing model of schooling toward a personalized competency-based approach to drive transformational change. Connect educational leadership, student engagement, and teacher optimism to support academic achievement.

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How to Make Personalized Competency-Based Education a Reality

Now is the time to evolve from the existing model of schooling into one that is more innovative, relevant, effective, and successful. Leading the Evolution introduces a three-pronged approach to driving substantive change—called the evolutionary triad—that connects transformative educational leadership, student engagement, and teacher optimism around personalized competency-based education. Each chapter includes supporting research and theory, as well as clear direction and strategies for putting the evolutionary triad into practice.

Learn how and why to implement a personalized competency-based approach for academic achievement and student engagement:

  • Understand the current state of education and why changing to a competency-based approach is imperative.
  • Identify the instructional leadership behaviors that lead to the organizational and cultural shift necessary to transform the current education paradigm.
  • Consider in detail all three points of the evolutionary triad: transformational instructional leadership, teacher optimism, and student engagement.
  • Examine the central focus of the evolutionary triad: personalized, competency-based education.
  • Explore instructional leadership practices that support successfully implementing the evolutionary triad and learning competencies in schools.

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Product Code: BKL042

ISBN: 9781943360222

Page Count: 176

Leading the Evolution provides a comprehensive blueprint for facilitating meaningful change within our schools. Research and strategies detailing how to create a school culture that brings administrators, teachers, and students together for the common cause of authentic learning are clearly articulated and easy for educational leaders at all levels to follow. This book is truly a must-have for any educator interested in understanding his or her part in creating the schools our students deserve.”

Travis Anderson, superintendent, Montana

“A timely resource that could be a game changer for the way we currently ‘do’ education, Leading the Evolution supports and empowers all stakeholders to embrace their transformational role in the educational process. The evolutionary triad, which specifically calls out the necessity of social justice being an integral part of teaching and learning, reminds us what is at stake as we prepare for ‘next generation’ schools.”

Nancy Dome, founder and CEO, Epoch Education, California

“Adjusting how we create learning opportunities to engage all learners requires a systemic shift in how education has been done. Leading the Evolution is a fantastic resource for visualizing the change. It explains not only how leaders play a role in moving schools forward but also why it is necessary to think outside the lines of the current model to reach meaningful and impactful change. This book will give any leader a framework to approach the changes needed to lead a personalized, competency-based education system.”

Bill Zima, superintendent, Maine