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Marzano True Score Estimator/Growth Calculator

Presenters: Mark W. Haystead, Robert J. Marzano

Marzano True Score Estimator/Growth Calculator

The Marzano True Score Estimator is a preprogrammed Microsoft Excel workbook that can be used by teachers to track their students’ progress over time on a single measurement topic using the Marzano scoring protocol. The Marzano True Score Estimator employs Excel’s available statistical functions to estimate students’ true scores over time using linear and curvilinear prediction models. The accompanying technical paper discusses the linear and curvilinear prediction models and the Excel functions and formulas used to predict students’ academic growth over time.

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This report contains the 10-page Marzano True Score Estimator (PDF) and the Marzano Growth Calculator (XLXS) files. Watch the video below for detailed instructions on how to use the Marzano Growth Calculator.

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